Magic Words

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sekrety życia

"F o l l o w y o u r p a s s i o n a n d s u c c e s s w i l l f o l l o w y o u"

     What I Do :

I am self-employed, experienced and talented communicator with strong interpersonal skills and I would like to offer my professional face-to-face & telephone interpreting services as well as written translation (non certified).

My areas of expertise are: Business and marketing, sales, lettings, administrative, finance, legal, economics, education, health, law..etc

I had been successfull in providing interpreting services at hospitals, GP, Police station, council, job center, estate agencies, solicitors offices, banks, private sector organisations etc.


I offer psychological services based on teaching of conscious life and taking conscious choices and taking responsibility of the consequences of those choices.


I will show you how to come back to your true self and believe in yourself, no matter at what point of life you are currently.


I am enthusiastic person with positive attitude and good communication skills and I am passionate about helping people.

Knowledge of foreign languages connect people. This is my aim to bring people together through interpreting and coaching services.






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