Cost Effective Pricing


  • Visarto Handyman Service charges 40 for the first hour and 20 for every hour thereafter.
  • After 6pm and on Saturdays, the rate changes to 50 for the first hour and 25 for every hour thereafter.



We don't charge a call out fee for works; however call outs for quotes yield a flat 40 charge. This is redeemable if works progress.

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing:



  • We require payment immediately upon completion of works.
  • We accept only cash payments.



Daily Rates


If you have a lot of work for us to do, it may be more cost effective for you to hire one of our handymen for the day. The price for an eight hour weekday is 170, and 210 on Saturdays.



Something bigger in mind?


For larger jobs, we will quote a fixed price to complete the service. Priced jobs can include kitchen fitting, bathroom installations, tiling, and other installations which would require our services for longer than 2 days.









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